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1 Who does this tax change effect?
The change affects all South African expats who are seen as being tax resident in South Africa.
2 What is Tax Residency?
Tax residency is not linked to where you are domiciled. See this post for further details.
3 What foreign remuneration will SARS include in determining whether the 1,000,000 ZAR exemption applies?
This is a non-exhaustive list which includes the following:
  • Basic Salary
  • Allowances such as Housing and Education
  • Medical Insurance
  • Annual airfare tickets provided by employer and Travel Allowances
  • Company contributions to Medical Insurance and Retirement Benefits
  • Provision of free housing and transport such as bus or company car
  • Gratuity or End of Service Benfits
  • Bonuses
  • Commissions
4 How do I avoid paying the "Expat Tax"?
Get your tax status changed to being non-SA Tax Resident.
5 Is Financial Emigration the only way to become non-SA Tax Resident?
No. There are a variety of options but the choice of the most appropriate solution is determined by your personal circumstances. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.
6 Are there any pitfalls to declaring yourself non-Tax Resident?
Yes. At the time at which you become non-Tax Resident, you will pay Capital Gains Tax on your worldwide capital assets with the exclusion of South African real estate.
7If I have not submitted tax returns while working outside of South Africa, will this cause a problem?
Yes. You need to regularise your tax affairs and declare all income to SARS regardless of your location.
8 How will SARS find me if I choose to ignore my tax obligations?
South Africa is party to the Common Reporting Standards (CRS) in terms of which banks are obliged to globally exchange information to tax authorities. Having a second passport will not prevent SARS from connecting your identity.
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